10 New Fall Books You Have to Read This Season

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something about fall that makes me want to cozy up with a cup of tea and a good book. In an ideal world, there would also be a fireplace burning in the background, but I won’t dive too deeply into my cabin in the woods fantasy.

Whether you’re in the mood for fiction, non-fiction, mystery, comedy, drama or romance, this list has something for everyone.

  1. When No One is Watching by Alyssa Cole

Starting off this list with a book from my favorite category: thrillers.

If you’re a fan of the movie Get Out and diving into conspiracy theories, you’ll love this one. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Sydney Green starts to notice things changing in her neighborhood – disappearing neighbors, “For Sale” signs popping up left and right and other strange events she can’t explain.

In an effort to hold on to her community, Sydney partners up with her neighbor Theo and goes on a walking tour to find out what’s really going on. But the more they explore, the creepier and scarier things become. Their neighbors may not have moved to the suburbs after all; and they start to suspect something more sinister.

Will Sydney and Theo uncover the truth before it’s too late? Brace yourself. When No One is Watching has some wild twists and turns.

2. The Book of Two Ways by Jodi Picoult

We’ve all heard the saying, “life flashing before your eyes” and this is exactly what happens to Dawn Edelstein.

As her plane is crashing, an image of a man’s face flashes through her mind. And to her surprise, she doesn’t think of her husband, Brian. She thinks about a man she met 15 years ago: Wyatt Armstrong. After Dawn survives the crash, she starts to have doubts about her current life.

Who will she choose? The Book of Two Ways follows Dawn’s journey and the path forward she wants to take.  

3. Is This Anything? by Jerry Seinfeld

You know and love him from the hit comedy sitcom, Seinfeld. This iconic comedian has taken his dry sense of humor from television to print with his first published book in 25 years, Is This Anything?

Seinfeld’s book is the written version of his comedy skits and a collection of his best jokes in chronological order from 1975 to now. He also shares some interesting personal experiences and how he’s developed his skills as an actor, writer, producer and comedian.

4. Humans by Brandon Stanton

As a New Yorker, I was impressed by the way Stanton captured NYC life on @humansofnewyork. So, I was beyond excited when I heard he was coming out with a book.

Well-known for Humans of New York, Stanton turns his lens toward the rest of the world, covering 40 different countries. Humans is packed with stunning photography, insightful interviews and a unique take on mankind.

5. What Are You Going Through by Sigrid Nunez

Let’s be honest: at the end of the day, we all want to feel heard and understood. In What Are You Going Through, Nunez discusses a series of encounters she has with people in her life: an ex she meets by chance, a friend with cancer and a stranger who needs help caring for his elderly mother. With each person she meets, she finds a common need: the need to talk about themselves and have someone listen to their problems.

The narrator is drawn in to these intense and transformative experiences, and the reader is captivated from start to finish. This story is centered around empathy and how we can help each other through challenging times.

6. Can’t Even: How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation by Anne Helen Petersen

This book captured my attention right away – the title alone is brilliant. Well-known for her viral Buzzfeed article on millennial burnout, journalist and academic Anne Helen Petersen, wrote this book to expand on the subject.

Can’t Even explores what’s causing millennials to feel disempowered, stressed and depressed. Petersen looks at burnout culture, unrealistic expectations at work, the negative impact of social media, and our addiction to busyness.

If you feel like your life is an endless to-do list, you’re not alone. Through a series of interviews and research, Petersen dives into how burnout affects us on all levels: the way we work, parent, socialize and more.

7. One by One by Ruth Ware

Getting snowed in at a luxurious lodge in the French Alps sounds like a dream, right? Not exactly. As the title suggests, in One by One the guests start turning up dead.

In this whodunit thriller, the founder of a tech startup organizes a corporate retreat for the team. Tensions escalate as coworkers reveal hidden agendas, testing loyalties and forcing people to choose sides. But work drama is the least of their problems. A devastating avalanche cuts them off from the outside world. Without any sign of rescue, panic grows…and so does the body count.

8. Ties that Tether by Jane Igharo

Calling all romance fans! Ties that Tether is a beautiful story about star-crossed lovers and one woman’s battle between her heart and mind.

At age 12, Azere makes a promise to her father on his deathbed that she will marry a Nigerian man. After a string of bad dates with potential suitors, Azere spends the night with a white man named Rafael. With an attraction she can’t deny, she’s forced to make a choice: honor her father’s dying wish or follow her heart.

9. How to Lead: Wisdom from the World’s Greatest CEOs, Founders and Game Changers by David M. Rubinstein

Who wouldn’t love to meet Warren Buffett, Oprah or Jeff Bezos? Written from a very personal perspective, How to Lead feels like you’re sitting down having a cup of coffee with each of these experts.

Rubinstein interviewed these iconic leaders and others to hear about their success stories and lessons they’ve learned along the way. Getting an inside look into how they handle decision making, manage setbacks and spark change is truly inspiring.

10. Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam

Had to end this list with another mind-bending thriller.

Leave the World Behind follows a wealthy white family on their Hamptons vacation. What was meant to be a relaxing getaway turns into a nightmare. An older couple arrives unexpectedly, bringing news of a citywide blackout.

With the power out and no cell phone service, the family doesn’t know what to believe and the fear sets in. Can these strangers trust each other? Should they be more concerned about the danger outside or in the house?

Trapped together as the world around them falls apart, the book definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat. And stay tuned for this book’s Netflix debut! Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington are set to star, so you know it’ll be worth watching.

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