When people ask me, “Why did you become a writer?” I don’t hesitate to reply, “To inspire others to live their best lives.” It is my keen interest in personal development that has driven every one of my career decisions thus far.

I could spend all day getting lost in a good story – ranging from the complexity of human nature to surefire signs your pet loves you. Consuming content is more than just my job; it’s a hobby. I feel lucky that I get to spend my days following my passion for storytelling and making creative ideas come to life.

From covering health and wellness content, to neuroscience, to relationships and dating advice, I’m committed to creating content that matters. My goal is for readers to walk away feeling empowered and motivated – whether it’s to pursue their dream job, strengthen the connection with their partner, or follow mindfulness strategies to relieve stress and anxiety.

As a true writer and editor at heart, I’m the detail-oriented friend who writes first drafts of birthday cards and is prone to correcting my friends’ bad grammar (in the nicest possible way of course). When I’m not at work I’m writing my book, which is also focused on self-improvement. Yes, I’m that nerd in the psychology section of the library researching and learning why people think and act the way they do. It goes without saying I don’t just write and edit articles that will help increase your self-awareness, but I truly live and breathe everything I advise readers to do.

Maybe it’s just me, but…

Many of my conversations start this way. As a writer, I spend a lot of time in my imagination. The wheels never stop spinning and random thoughts are always coming and going. I’m an open book (pun intended), which means that most of what I say is unfiltered. Needless to say, some thoughts are a bit ridiculous and out there – hence, “maybe it’s just me”. On the plus side, however, many thoughts are relatable and (sometimes) unintentionally enlightening. The moment when “maybe it’s just me” turns into “me too!” is when I’ve had the most memorable conversations. Those are the conversations when I’ve connected with people on a deep, meaningful level, and to me, that’s what makes life worth living. 

I wanted to create a place for people to be inspired and share their “Maybe It’s Just Me” moments. Thanks to the artistic vision of my sisters, Shannon and Kristin, “Maybe It’s Just Me” was born. Knowing me better than anyone, they were able to design a site that truly reflects who I am.  A true Vogel Nest creative collaboration and labor of love, I’m so grateful for the hard work they’ve put into this and proud of what we’ve accomplished together.