Use These 4 Feng Shui Techniques to Declutter Your Home

Feng shui and decluttering your home go hand in hand. Nothing beats the fresh, clean and organized feeling that comes after you declutter your home.

As many of us tackle home renovation projects during quarantine, we’re thinking about how to declutter, organize, and invite mindful design into our living spaces.

When it comes to feng shui techniques, the best place to start is to address the root of the clutter problem. This requires looking at the emotions and energy behind the mess.

The art of mindful placement is one of the core components of feng shui. It requires understanding how the location of objects within a space affects your overall wellbeing.

The goal of feng shui is to balance and harmonize the energy within your living space. Since clutter blocks this flow of energy, we need to organize and/or get rid of it and create space for more positive energy to come in.

Try These 4 Feng Shui Techniques to Declutter Your Home:

Read on for your feng shui guide to decluttering your living space so you can feel better, brighter, lighter, and more in control.

1. Use a Feng Shui Energy Map

One of the elements of feng shui is the bagua which is an energy map of your space. Every home is divided into energy centers, which are associated with different aspects of life. When the energy of a room is blocked by clutter, it may be reflected in your mental or physical health.

The bagua map is made up of a grid of nine sections: these include wealth and prosperity; fame and reputation; marriage and relationships; new beginnings and family; health, children, joy and the future; knowledge and self-cultivation; career and life journey; and travel and helpful friends.


If you want to change the flow of energy in your home, align the bagua map over your floor plan. This will enable you to identify the energy fields in your home. Go room by room, and highlight the zones that are the biggest problem areas. Those are the areas you will declutter first.

2. Schedule Your Declutter Sessions

Pick a date and time to clear each space. Start small and stay focused on one area at a time.

Since feng shui is about shifting energy in your home, it’s important to make sure you are in the right headspace going into your decluttering sessions. Scheduling time and doing one room at a time will make you feel less stressed and help you make the right decisions about what to keep, throw away and so on.

To create an experience that feels more like cleansing and less like cleaning, open the windows to let the fresh air and natural light in. Also, you can place an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser somewhere in the room you’re about to declutter.

Essential oils are an effective way to get the energy flowing in a more positive direction. Check out this Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils and What You Need to Know to Get Started.

3. Boost Your Energy With Fire Element Colors

Utilizing color is one of the easiest and most effective feng shui techniques. Before you start clearing your space, focus on fire element colors. Warm colors like red motivate you to take action and attract high level vibrations.

Additional fire element colors include strong yellow, orange, purple, and pink. Each color brings specific attributes. For example, strong yellow promotes feelings of happiness. Purple is associated with abundance and pink is the color of love, creating a peaceful, soothing energy.

Whether you wear one of these colors, meditate on and visualize it, or bring something that color into the room, incorporating a fire element color into the room you’re about to declutter will boost your energy and the energy of the space.

Bonus Tip: Steer clear of black. The color black has the opposite effect, attracting low-level vibrations and can make you feel tired.

If you’re feeling extra ambitious and want to paint your space, here’s how to choose the right paint color for every room in your home using feng shui.

4. Keep What Matters Most

Feng shui decluttering isn’t about getting rid of everything that’s important to you. On the contrary, feng shui is about surrounding yourself with items of beauty and sentimental value. Essentially, it helps you separate what’s meaningful from what isn’t.

Ask yourself if the item brings you joy or if it really doesn’t hold much value to you (in which case, get ride of it). Perhaps the item actually weighs you down (another sign to get rid of it).

Placing a sentimental object – something with high vibrational energy – central to the room is a key component of feng shui.

An example of a high vibrational item is artwork from your favorite vacation spot or a hand-made blanket that has been passed down from generation to generation. High vibrational objects are personal and tend to have some sort of sentimental value.

Use Feng Shui Techniques to Declutter and Change Your Space In Order to Change Your Life

Remember – decluttering is for you! Don’t declutter because you feel like you “should.” Do it because you want to and because you know the end result will be worth it.

When you declutter your home, look at it as an opportunity to grow. Sometimes we need to get rid of the things that aren’t serving us anymore. The past may be beautiful, but we can’t live there.

Feng shui is a technique that helps us decipher between what’s meaningful and what we’re ready to let go of.

The joy we feel in the present moment is more important. Think of decluttering as pressing the reset button on your life. Once you do that, you can move forward and take the next step. These feng shui techniques will help you get there!


This article originally appeared on YogiApproved.

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