LottoLove Giveaway: Set an Intention to Give Back in 2021

Thank you to everyone who participated in the LottoLove Giveaway and submitted an intention! LottoLove is the only scratch off card with a social purpose. They make gifting and giving back easy and fun! The winning prize of each card is one of our four basic needs gifts: literacy tools, clean water, nutritious meals and solar energy.

Here are the responses! “My intention for 2021 is…”

  1. “Meditate more.” – Rebecca G.
  2. “Stop taking things personally.” – Hannah F.
  3. “Save more, spend less.” Bill T.
  4. “Take on a creative project I’m passionate about.” – Grace M.
  5. “To go with the flow more.” – Kenny S.
  6. “Stand up for myself more at work.” – Jessica R.
  7. “Forgive and let go of anger.” – Jackie C.
  8. “Strengthen my relationship with my husband.” – Alexandra D.
  9. “Work with more like-minded people who encourage me to succeed.” – Francie N.
  10. “Live in the now and make more time for fun.” – Chelsea S.
  11. “Cleanse the negative energy in my life with morning meditations.” – Shannon V.
  12. “Stop being afraid to say how I really feel.” – Gina A.
  13. “Look and feel great in my body.” – Kathy L.
  14. “Live a more balanced life.” – Amanda P.
  15. “Be more consistent with my workouts.” – John K.
  16. “Read more books!” – Nicole G.
  17. “Choose happiness in the moment.” – Kristin O.
  18. “Connect to nature every day.” – Jody S.
  19. “Show up for myself more.” – Clara R.
  20. “Sweat the small stuff less.” – Kaitlyn P.
  21. “To be the awesome person my dog Oliver thinks I am.” – Veronica K.
  22. “Let go of past trauma.” – Stephanie N.
  23. “Be present and grateful.” – Kelly V.
  24. “Prioritize rest. Do this daily.” – Rebecca L.
  25. “To find better ways to stay more connected with friends and family while at a distance.” – Allison O.
  26. “To read more about health and wellness.” – Kathleen G.
  27. “To always live in my truth, no matter how messy it looks.” – Patrice N.
  28. “Deepen my spirituality practice.” – Kathryn C.
  29. “Trust the timing of my life.” – Emily V.
  30. “Say goodbye to toxic relationships.” – Vickie M.
  31. “Eat healthier on a daily basis.” – Margaret P.
  32. “Disconnect from technology more often.” – Brianna S.
  33. “Expand my business.” – Peter N.
  34. ” Be a positive role model for my children.” – Grace D.
  35. “Set aside more time for myself.” – Dawn K.
  36. “Run a marathon.” – Jim C.
  37. “Spend more time with my family.” – Matt F.
  38. “Travel when I can.” – Rachel T.
  39. “Stress less.” – Bill O.
  40. “Stop being so hard on myself.” – Mallory H.
  41. “Accept what I can’t change.” – Valerie A.
  42. “Communicate better and more often.” – George G.
  43. “Feel more confident in my body.” -Vanessa W.
  44. “Care less about what other people think.” – Natalie M.
  45. “Appreciate the important people in my life.” – Dan V.
  46. “Speak up for what I want.” – Casey C.
  47. “Eat more mindfully.” – Laura B.
  48. “Love without fear.” – Kate E.
  49. “Start writing my book.” -Joanne A.
  50. “Stop focusing on things that don’t matter.” – Charlie V.
  51. “Take a class and pursue my passion for digital photography.” – Barbara H.
  52. “Declutter and organize my living space.” – Mary R.
  53. “Drink more water.” – Eric B.
  54. “Reach out to people I’ve lost touch with.” – Mia P.
  55. “Work out on a regular basis.” – Kristin G.
  56. “Watch less TV, read more.” – Diane F.
  57. “Be better at meal prepping.” – Joe S.
  58. “Take more time off work.” – Lorie W.
  59. “Save up for a vacation.” – Grace A.
  60. “Tell my husband I love him more.” – Deanna G.
  61. “Be more patient.” – Sal D.
  62. “Stop dwelling on the past.” – Christine M.
  63. “Make smarter food choices.” – Jennifer T.
  64. “Shop less.” – Amanda R.
  65. “Eat dinner as a family more often.” – Carol L.
  66. “Do yoga daily.” – Meghan C.
  67. “Get into the habit of journaling.” – Erin O.
  68. “Date and put myself out there more.” – Barbara S.
  69. “Focus on self-care without feeling guilty.” – Colleen V.
  70. “Connect more as a family.” – Jenn G.
  71. “Drop what’s not working and move on.” – Bill F.
  72. “Spend less time on social media.” – Alex N.
  73. “Meet more people.” – Natalie H.
  74. “Forgive and forget.” – Kelly K.
  75. “Express my needs.” – Lauren M.
  76. “Slow down and stop multitasking all the time.” – Stephanie R.
  77. “Stop procrastinating. Finish what I start.” – Nancy P.
  78. “Release my fear of being alone.” – Colleen L.
  79. “Take more financial responsibility.” – Aubrey O.
  80. “Practice self-compassion.” – Carolina M.
  81. “Ask for what I want.” – Kathleen B.
  82. “Let go of control.” – Beth K.
  83. “Be more vulnerable with my emotions.” – Mark C.
  84. “Choose faith over fear.” – Tricia G.
  85. “Mend my relationship with my mom.” – Joan N.
  86. “Appreciate the little things.” -Aly F.
  87. “Get certified as a yoga instructor.” – Riley C.
  88. “Go to more of my kids’ games.” – Michael D.
  89. “Set boundaries and stick to them.” -Judy T.
  90. “Travel somewhere new.” – Jackie M.
  91. “Be more confident in my decision-making.” – Molly P.
  92. “Make more time for myself.” – Val R.
  93. “Worry less.” – Brenna H.
  94. “Have a date night with my husband at least once a week.” – Tracy W.
  95. “Learn how to play the violin.” – Carly F.
  96. “Make new friends.” – Stephanie S.
  97. “Find a new place to live – good vibes only!” – Bobby J.
  98. “Listen more.” – Susan L.
  99. “Strive for excellence, not perfection.” – Kathryn P.
  100. “Love fearlessly.” – Nicole D.
  101. “Cut myself some slack.” – Vickie K.
  102. “Be happy where I am.” – Kristin C.

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