The Tune Bed: A Revolutionary Approach to Self-Care

When I first stepped into Revive Health Studio, greeted by owner Jenna Schulman, I felt at home immediately. The bohemian and nature-inspired décor embodies culture, creativity, and a relaxing vibe, welcoming all who enter.

As someone who loves self-care and learning about up-and-coming trends, I was excited for my first tune bed session and to find out more about the history of Revive.

The Inspiration Behind Revive Health Studio

Jenna always had a passion for holistic wellness. Growing up, she would make face masks out of honey and yogurt and any other ingredient her mom had in the kitchen that had all-natural healing properties. She was against synthetic antibiotics or ingredients and believed in clean living as a whole.

When Jenna was in her mid twenties and working in NYC, she was constantly getting sick from the packed subways. This inspired her to develop her first wellness business that was an on-the-go solution to an immunity tea with turmeric, ginger, lemon and honey. It was her first passion project to help people heal naturally. Then, she went on to get her health coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where she dove deeper into the effects that lifestyle (job, relationships, etc.) have on mental health and happiness. During this time, Jenna was also in a sales job that was made her feel stressed, anxious and unhappy.

It was during the COVID-19 quarantine, and a worldwide heightened level of stress, that she decided it was time to make a change, and a difference in people’s lives. Jenna had known about Tune as a holistic mental health modality and knew that’s what people needed, as she needed it herself! So, she started developing a business plan and decided to take the leap. “I knew the day I signed the lease for the space was my day of no turning back,” she said. “It was exciting and scary and I knew a lot of hard work was ahead of me but it was all for the purpose of helping people feel better.”

Jenna’s main goal was to create a space instantly felt relaxing (mission accomplished!).

“I wanted all the senses to be calm, so from the aesthetics to the scent was extremely important to me,” she explained. “The products I curated as well had to also abide by all natural, organic and non toxic standards. I have a ton of fun researching and finding brands that are a great fit for RHS and it is constantly evolving.”

How it works

Tuning is designed to introduce healthy vibration of cells to restore balance to the mind and body. Our cells copy vibrations we feel, and the tune bed’s healing frequencies can rewire your brain and body on a cellular level. It’s proven to reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen immunity and boost mental clarity.

And a fifteen minute session is all you need to reap the benefits! Using sound and vibration, the tune bed can optimize your mental wellness and physical recovery.

With a variety of options to choose from, I decided to try “Recovery.” I was feeling sore from a long run the day before (plus it was a Friday and the end of a long week) so it was perfect timing.

As I laid down, put the headphones on and closed my eyes, I felt a light vibration from the bed and heard music that took me to a very peaceful place. The mix of instruments and nature sounds, along with the vibrations of the bed, washed away all the stress and worry of the day. I was completely immersed in the present moment – it felt so good not to think, not to worry and just simply be.

The first thing I said to Jenna when my session ended was, “Wow, I got chills!” Physically, my muscles were relaxed and there was definitely less tension in my body. Mentally, I felt calm and emotionally balanced. With the music and the vibration combined, all of your senses are stimulated so connecting to the present moment is effortless! I highly recommend a tune bed session at Revive.

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