The Equinox Hotel: An Immersive Experience of Luxury and Wellness

Coming in from the hustle and bustle of New York City streets, I felt an immediate sense of calm as I stepped inside the Equinox Hotel, an extension of the luxury fitness chain. The hotel is specifically designed to promote mental and physical well-being, taking wellness hospitality to an entirely new level.

Staying true to the Equinox brand, the interior is modern and upscale with an urban chic look and feel. And while the decor is sophisticated, the space itself is incredibly warm and inviting. The staff is also very friendly and made me feel at home as soon as I arrived. 

Located in Hudson Yards alongside the Vessel and Hudson River, the surrounding view is unparalleled. The Equinox Hotel occupies 25 floors of a 92-story skyscraper, with 212 rooms starting at $800 per night. 

The Room

I stayed in a Premier King room on the top floor with a view of both the skyline and river. I wish someone had captured my facial expression when I first walked in. To say I was impressed would be an understatement.

Designed to create a restorative and restful experience, the room is soundproof with blackout blinds. The in-room guide was easy to navigate – using the integrated technology, you can personalize lighting, temperature and other sleep settings. They truly thought of everything, down to the very last detail. 

Keeping your health in mind, the room bar has fitness equipment, an immune protect pack, supplements and other health products. And let’s not forget the Nespresso machine – sipping on a warm cup of coffee in my robe and slippers while admiring the outside view was the best part of my morning routine. 

The rainforest shower head is another great feature. For me, showers are very meditative – as though my daily stress and worries are washed away. At the end of each day, I took a long shower, savoring every second. 

The Fitness Club

Known for being the top fitness club in the world, I was excited for my first Equinox workout experience. As a hotel guest, one of the biggest perks is having full access to the club during your stay. 

Proof of vaccination is required upon entry, and they maintain very high cleanliness standards so you can enjoy your workout stress-free. Plus, there are so many machines that even during busy times you have access to all the equipment you need. 

I started in the cardio section and made my way to the machines, all while enjoying a stunning wrap around view of the Hudson River and Vessel. I also tried out the indoor saltwater pool followed by a dip in the hot and cold plunge pools. Swimming is one of my favorite workouts and with a timer on the side, I was able to keep track of my pace.

Overall, it was the best gym workout I’ve ever experienced. If I didn’t have other appointments, I could’ve stayed there for hours.

The Spa

Stepping into the spa section of the hotel instantly transported me to a relaxed state of mind. 

From body and skin therapies to techno therapies, their spa menu has a wide variety to choose from. I started with the wave table, which provides the ultimate power nap using sound and vibrational therapy. I’m not exaggerating when I say it feels like you’re floating on a cloud. 

Next, I had an energizing massage with crystal-infused essential oils. Shoutout to my massage therapist – he was amazing and also taught me a lot about different techniques to relieve soreness and tension.

Afterwards, I relaxed in the sauna, which was the perfect way to end my spa day. 

Here’s to starting off the new year feeling refreshed and recharged!

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